“Too much information and most of it is absolutely useless!” I am sure that this is not the first time you heard this comment and most likely you felt this way yourself many times. The access to information and knowledge used to be very controlled in past decades, but the internet expansion definitely broke this limitation for good.

Now we are swimming in an ocean of ever changing updates and (fake) news, combined with valuable nuggets that are meaningful to you in a specific situation. How do we find those?

I am in the middle of reading a fascinating book along those lines: “First Intelligence – Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition” by Simone Wright. For 7 years she used to teach police detectives how to use their intuition much more effectively in complex crime investigations. Now she is a widely recognized expert and speaker on intuitive intelligence.

Intuition cuts through the ocean of details and connects important facts at a rapid pace, IF you feel relaxed and have a clear intention. What looks like a miracle is a natural capability of the human body: A gut feeling for priorities, an inkling by noticing a few details, a flash of insight out of the blue. Mental analysis and over-thinking interrupts this flow immediately and takes us on a big detour in fact finding.

Pearls of wisdom are frequent results of this process and they just make common sense, even if we don’t understand most of the time WHY we came to this conclusion. Wisdom just resonates with us in our core, especially when it comes from a child.

Does it feel like ‘genius in action’ to you, or a ‘genius moment’?

What is YOUR example for a happening like that?

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