My liver is extremely valuable to me. Biologically. However, until recently, I took her/its(?) biochemical miracles more or less for granted and never felt anything special about this amazing and essential organ. For some people it might take pain or a severe health challenge to wake up to a biological gratitude; for me it was Jon Barron’s full body detox program.

After completing this thorough and sophisticated program I felt a profound ease and joy in my body, almost as if my liver wanted to tell me “thank you for making my job easier”.During a body meditation I made it a point to thank my liver specifically for the amazing biochemical miracles that occur in its cells: Creating all the amino acids for every single protein in the body, detoxing all the chemicals that might come in with food and breathing, building substances to prevent blood clotting, producing bile to emulsify fats, storing glycogen and vitamins or removing bacteria from the blood and many other functions.

And then it dawned on me: MAYBE my liver enjoys to work for me as a part of my entire organism. It enjoys the constant communication with all the other organs and it’s irreplaceable status in this miraculous synergy. MAYBE the same is true for every organ in my body and it is my job to keep them healthy, alive and vibrant through intelligent lifestyle choices.

And yes, there are emotions directly related to organ health. The liver is highly sensitive to anger. Here is where I had to deeply apologize to my liver: I had a genetic pre-disposition to anger and have been plagued by internal and external anger for decades of my life: “Thank you, LIVER for being so patient with me all these years. You are definitely physically intelligent and I am deeply grateful that you never responded back to me with liver infection, inflammation or worse!”

What is your liver telling you today?

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