Otto’s Genius Tip #482

After 12 years as a police officer, Brian* felt stuck and was diagnosed with clinical depression. He could no longer support his family with 3 brilliant and joyful kids and lost his job.

When I met his family to talk about one of his children, I asked Brian, “What did you like best about your job?”

His face lightened up as he described his pleasure to hunt a speed limit violator and drive really fast, sometimes through narrow streets or even bicycle paths. “Does every police officer like that?” “Oh no, most of them are really scared and easily give up” he responded. “Could you teach them this special skill”?

He literally stopped in his tracks and gave me the ‘deer-in-the-headlight’ look: “I never thought about that.”

After a few months Brian* started a new business and became a busy and well paid high performance driving consultant for police officers in the US and abroad. His depression disappeared completely.

You or your child might experience unexpected turns on your way to discover your or their innate brilliance. Decoding and activating it might turn the lights on in every way!

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