Decoding and activating your innate genius is work. Daily joyful and intense work, once you feel the passion and desire to create the best life possible for yourself.

“How far can I go with this?” was Sean’s* question last week. At age 15 he started to design creative T-shirts and used only golden symbols to make them stand out. What genius branding! Every student at his High School knows his name and now in his Junior year he showed clear symptoms of anxiety.

We found out that it was not fear of failure that plagued him, it was fear of success, one of the most undiscovered fears on the list. “How far do you WANT to go with this?” was my question back to him. At the same time I asked him to tell me about small steps that move him forward to the bigger vision he dreams about – phone calls, orders, client feedback, new ideas.

We agreed on feeling deeply thankful for these small steps to stay on track, to overcome criticism and negative responses, from himself and others. This radical and focused gratitude makes these small accomplishments shine and turns them into micro-victories that brighten up his day. Within 4 weeks the amount of new orders doubled and the Principal invited him to design a special graduation T-shirt.

What are YOUR micro-victories TODAY? Notice how they can lift your mood and motivation in a few minutes if you recognize and acknowledge them.