On the outside, any new information hits your senses first: mainly your eyes and ears. They immediately transform these visual and auditory signals into electrical impulses and send them at a rapid pace to the brain. However, this biochemical coding process might be selective and not completely reflect what reached your senses from the outside. It might take sensory awareness training to become a keen and sharp observer, independent from any brain activity.

On top of that, your brain is in non-stop communication with every organ and tissue inside your body. Subconsciously, it processes a tremendous amount of information in every second of our life. It is a very powerful information processing unit, but does not produce own creative thought. Only the connection with the inner organs and the outside world produces creativity and imagination that we so appreciate as qualities of intelligence.

Why is this distinction so important? Even experienced scientists frequently show a tendency to put the brain on a pedestal, as if it would be the king/queen in the body and in control of every other organ. Nothing is further from the biological truth: If your brain would not be connected to your intestines through the vagus nerve as a special information highway, most likely you could not even think straight and would feel completely out of balance.

These simple biological realities put you in a much higher level of freedom and interdependence: the quality of every conversation impacts the quality of our mood and life. The quality of people in our life significantly influences our lifestyle. The micro-biome in our gut profoundly impacts the thoughts and feelings in our brain.

So ultimately, every intelligence is PHYSICAL and highly interactive, inter-related and interdependent. It gives us a brand new foundation to end the separation of facts from feelings through analysis or MUS (= made-up stuff). Biological realities invite connection and synergy.