The outdoor setting in the Desert Botanical Garden was just one powerful ingredient for a multi-sensory experience last weekend: 25 dancers in a very unique choreography brought Beethoven’s symphony #6 to life in a new dimension: Movement.

The performance had a touch of genius all along – a magic visual experience that touched my soul with beauty and inspiration. The psychogeography of the open ceiling a large stage without the limitation of a theater building gave a feeling of exhilaration and expansion by including the nature around with surprising light effects.

It is this kind of brilliance that resonates with our desire for personal brilliance in our areas of specialty where we can shine as individuals. It can be unspoken, translated in high level body language that is perceived automatically by every human being that likes ballet or dance.

Inspiration will always be a personal experience, rather a feeling of abundant beauty than a thought.

What is your inspiration right now?

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