Vicky* has been working as a help desk support in several companies. every 2-3 years she has been laid off, mostly due to hidden conflicts with colleagues or her manager. Over the years she has been acquiring several IT certificates to stay professionally up to speed. Vicky* is very intelligent, sensitive and connects with interesting people very easily. However, she also battles emotional darkness, sometimes for extended periods of time.

About a year ago I had a conversation with her about intuition and noticed an immediate energy shift: Her eyes opened wider, her face lightened up and she began to tell me about her grandma in Guatemala: She was a healer (curandeira) and knew the healing powers of almost every native plant in that area. Intuition was very familiar and normal to her, it was the main source for her healing power.

Vicky* became her most curious student at age 5! She lived more with grandma than with her own parents. Everything she experienced was food for her soul and she learned from her with a burning desire.

However, soon the clouds moved in: Vicky* moved to the US and lost touch with her exceptional talent and passion: She became interested in IT to make a living and settled for a ‘normal life’. She still has most of her amazing knowledge about healing with plant tinctures and her intuition kicks in immediately when someone approaches her with a health challenge.

What if she could create an environment where her natural brilliance could further expand into professionalism and her passion would turn into speaking engagements to touch thousands of people?

I want that for her to happen so the dark emotional clouds can move out of her life! What if Vicky* could create a profession that fills her heart AND her bank account?

Innate unique brilliance deserves and requires full expression in life; otherwise the body, mind and soul send warning signals….

*not her real name

Otto Siegel

Speaker, Author, Genius Coach