My friend Marty* (not his real name) created this powerful phrase last week when he celebrated the first anniversary of his suicide attempt.

He is a word artist with a degree in journalism and spent 26 years of his precious life in the wrong job as a low level marketing specialist in a construction company. His office had no window and he stared against the same wall behind his computer every day. His manager constantly criticized him for his laziness and procrastination.

For several years  Marty* has been on anti-depressants with increasing dosage. One day he locked himself into the storage room and cut his wrists wide open. Last minute he was discovered and saved so he could celebrate his second birthday.

Slowly he recovered from this shock and came back to life. Being a professional writer, he discovered a unique opportunity to enhance his mental, emotional and physical recovery process: To put everything on paper in a raw format. He embraced it whole-heartedly and preferred to write on paper instead of on a computer: “I need to feel how my pen changes the structure of the paper as I write, how the paper will never be the same after I touched it with my pen.”

His insights grew deeper and deeper, driven by a profound gratitude for being alive, being part of a passionate family and creating a new purpose and meaning for himself. Every week he has been discovering new ways to leave the past behind and to walk away form any darkness in his soul.

Soul searching? For sure! Discovering the unlimited will to live inside and the power of directing our mind in any give moment towards life and light is an ongoing challenge we all face every day. Body, mind, soul and spirit are inseparable – it might sound like a clichee, but hides a profound wisdom:

The Greek word SOMA is the root for the word SOUL; it means BODY.