client endorsements

“The Genius coaching session for our Senior leadership team last week was the best investment we have ever made in leadership development……by far! The content was exceptional, Otto was riveting and brilliant as a teacher/facilitator and my senior leaders loved every minute of it.

– Jerry Acuff, CEO Delta point, Inc.

“Otto Siegel facilitated “Think, Act and Speak ‘Out of the box’” in two locations of our company – two workshops for technical leaders, two for managers and two keynote presentations.

– Deborah Caldwell, IBM Leadership Development Program Manager, Tucson, AZ.

Otto’s class was tremendously positive, interactive and engaging. I learned more in this one day than in many 3+ day courses.

– Monica Loomis, Oracle Corporation

Otto is a masterful coach and beyond that he is so unique! If you are looking for a coach that is experienced, cutting edge, and deeply intuitive…you will find no individual like him.

– Grechen Elmore

First of all, that I DID get my mojo back. Thank you Otto! My presentation went very well. I am confident, capable, and competent to do ANY job that I WANT to do. Again, Thank you Otto! I am also wondering if the Universe is saying…

– Joanne G. Employee Development Manager, AAA

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Otto Siegel. He is a fabulous coach and mentor and helped me increase sales volume while adding “balance” to my life. If you are even thinking about tapping into your genius, I would encourage you to go for it.

– Kris A., Realtor

Otto has created the most powerful and profound program for self-awareness and improvement that I have experienced. Completing the Genius Profile has re-affirmed some life changes I made several years ago and has given me direction to focus on my true strengths and purpose in life. Thank you Otto!!!

– Joe M.

Your LEGO boxes are magic so everyone can create the life he wants to really live in 5 minutes!!! I acknowledge you for all you are doing for Geniuses worldwide!

– Oleg F., Perspektiva Group Ltd. Mogilev, Belarus

Strength based leadership techniques, best practices and tools have been very beneficial in multiple ways.

– Joanne W., Director, Customer Support.

Through this process my marriage and family ties became stronger. Several friends went through a similar period of having a bad job and did not realize how much this impacts their family life.

– G.K.

I’ve experienced a complete personal and professional transformation – after losing my job and applying for unemployment, with your support I was able to articulate a perfect job in a great company and found it after our 5th session.

– I.V.

I am having waves of “travail” but without doubt every time we talk it’s like I get re charged and re energized! In fact Friday I was contacted by a consulting agency to be a reference for someone. Anyway a conversation about the reference for someone.

– Michael M.

I had dropped out of high school over 54 years ago because I had to go to work. Now in my 72th year I felt I needed a new career. I didn’t have a lot of confidence and faith in myself that I could go to school again. You made me feel confident.

– David C.

My wife noticed that I am much more supportive of her.

-Rich K., VP of Operations and Quality, Atronic Americas, Scottsdale, AZ

One of the biggest gifts about working with you is that I can’t define how this works but I know that it does and it does so beautifully.  The experience without definition is what someone like me needs as much as an essential nutrient!  Thank you, Otto, my heart expands with gratitude when I think of your profound influence on my life.

-Amy Serin, PhD, Neuropsychologist and Inventor, President Arizona Neuropsychological Society, Adjunct Faculty Midwestern University


The work with you had allowed me to really focus on my exceptional talents that you helped me unfold. As a result of your work I found my last few months at Per-Se much more rewarding.

-Deborah S., VP, Customer Support, Per-Se Technologies, Gilbert, AZ

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