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Your body – you – is the most complex and sophisticated entity on the planet. Biologically.

physical intelligence

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.  -George Bernard Shaw

Experience the biological magic of Physical Intelligence to speed up action, engagement, passion and cohesiveness in your team – from the inside out.


Your life started as one fertilized egg cell in your mother’s womb. The 46 chromosomes in this single cell contained all the information needed to create – you. Within 9 months and a few days, this cell created every single tissue and organ in your body, so you could be born as a unique human being with 100 trillion cells. The networking and communication between all these cells occurs simultaneously through electrons, photons, and chemical messengers with basically unlimited information flow – we call it physical intelligence; it operates 24/7 on a true genius level – almost entirely subconscious and unnoticed.

We are intuitively aware of the power of physical intelligence, even if our brains might not want to admit it. When someone says, “What do you feel in your heart?” we understand that there is a strong emotion involved or a “gut reaction” that is not part of the brain’s thought process and cannot be explained with our mental powers.

When taking Rorschach ink blot tests or quick response flash card tests, subjects are instructed to respond immediately, without thinking. This is to evoke a response based on the spontaneity of physical intelligence, without letting the brain filter and massage the information into a false conclusion. So most people are aware that physical intelligence exists, but few know how to harness its power.

We can connect our brains with our bodies so that these two forces can work together, rather than in conflict. Physical intelligence training is a fundamental part of every Genius Coaching program. We have developed exercises and processes that demonstrate its power and properties.

For centuries, every martial arts discipline has been using the power of physical intelligence to do impossible things with ease and high speed. Instead of using it for fighting, we make this same power available for you to enjoy a great and significant life.

This biological wisdom on a cellular, molecular and organ level is the foundation for all other qualities of human intelligence:





physical intelligence

Physical Intelligence is well known as ‘muscle memory’ in sports and profoundly impacts all other qualities of human intelligence. Therefore our methodology yields long term results – using playful and highly creative interactions. This innate biological power will be yours to use as a leader and key communicator.

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