Only 400 years ago almost every human being believed that the earth was flat. And they behaved like that. The SLOW replacement of this historical error message with a new physical reality shows a typical pattern:
Ignorance and absolute disbelief.
Trying to ridicule the new reality
Violent resistance by people in power
Wide acceptance as ‘common sense’
From an average lifespan in the US of 47 years in 1900 we made it to 77 in 2015, caused by amazing progress in science, medicine, nutrition and quality of life. Now leading scientists project 125 years or even 145 for the next generation and the TIME magazine dedicated 2 issues to this topic in 2017 and 2018.

More than 1000 visitors from 34 countries attended the third international RAAD Festival in San Diego last week to listen to progressive scientists, entrepreneurs and famous futurists like Ray Kurzweil about this new reality of radical life extension for the current generation of human beings, independent of age. The celebration of these new insights and possibilities was supported by more than 70 TV and news reporters from the US, Europe and Asia.

Are we born to live much longer? Biologically, beyond vision and hope? Yes,but only with a RADICAL change in attitude and mindset about our very own bodies: We are NOT machines; we are biochemical miracles in every single one of our 100 trillion (!) cells. I strongly feel that way, and everything I studied and taught about human biology supports that strong feeling. Realizing, feeling and enjoying this magic intelligence can lead to a deep appreciation for ourselves as creators, not victims of random circumstances.

This new BODYMINDSET can create a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis and push the age barrier far into the future. Yes, it takes a joyful and strong will to live and daily passion for our very own bodies to be healthier! It is fun to be and feel more alive every day.

AND – there are already thousands of people around the world who feel the same and start to come together – are they on level 4 in the awareness game? Would you want to design that bright future for yourself and do what it takes to make it happen?

Your personal unique genius is very welcome to participate…!

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