How ‘Gifted’ and ‘Happy’ can be Connected
I felt deeply touched when I watched the heart-warming and unusual movie “Gifted” yesterday. Did you have a chance to see it already?

It validated and reinforced my passion to create emotional health for bright and brilliant children, young adults and adults in families and companies. Isolated intelligence might be limited to academic ivory towers but not really add value to society at large. Brilliant knowledge, endless creativity, profound imagination and a deeply caring heart need to be closely connected for a truly successful person in any age.

Personalized education can be just another buzz word or a fundamental need that progressive parents, teachers and company leaders are claiming increasingly. Congratulations, if this resonates with you: You have my full support and encouragement!

I feel a deep vision and passion to encourage EVERY brilliant person in any age group

  • To find out specifically what their innate personal brilliance really is,
  • To create a career or business that is based on their unique abilities and passion,
  • To thrive in a profession that fills their heart AND their bank account,
  • To be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically healthy,
  • To build a future that is brighter than the past (and present).

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer and let it impact you.

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