Organizational Methodology

to Activate Genius: Empowering an Unstoppable Team

Genius Team Leadership creates a joyful workplace with healthy daily team interactions and attracts highly motivated performers. Engaged employes decode and activate their hidden brilliance, minimize traditional behavior blocks and significantly improve productivity.

The INNOVATION – A Mind-blowing New Leadership Paradigm

Our science-based behavior technology has roots in Positive Psychology, Eductional Kinesiolgy and Behavioral Science (Ethology). It provides professional tools for team leaders and team members to energize themselves and each other on a daily basis to create a joyful and highly productive work enviroment. 

Result: Participants are intrinsically motivated and WANT to be more engaged.

Framework for this new Paradigm:

“The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside of them.” 

Empowering an Unstoppable Team is

Adaptive – every participant has a unique personal learning experience
Interactive – peer driven ineractive learning with real case-studies
Intuitive – holistic gut feelings are encouraged 
Immediate –  contagious curiosity accelerates learning and practical application
Intelligent – Physical Intelligence connects mental, emotional, intuitive, social and business intelligence for high efficiency
Impactful – the genius activation methodology has a playful team leadership ripple effect.


Individual Level: 

Genius Coaching for Team Leader and Team Members

  • Increased trust and less anxiety for improved performance
  • Intrinsic employee motivation and engagement increase exponentially
  • Involuntary turnover is extremely low
  • Learning and development accelerate and become more satisfying
  • Upgraded interviewing process drastically increases quality employee retention
  • Leaders LOVE to lead and be led because they have highly efficient behavior-based tools 
  • Team dynamics and daily interactions improve significanly in quality and quantity

Interactive Level:

Leaders and Team Members that People Like and Trust

  • Improved emotional, physical and financial health of the company
  • Upgraded team leadership attitude on all organizational levels
  • Personal gratification will be as important as compensation
  • EVERY leadership conversation will be a people building opportunity
  • Focus shifts from negativity and low energy to energizing self and others
  • Ongoing supportive performance conversations
  • Empowered and engaged employees are more productive together
  • Higher energy turns ‘difficult employees’ into contributing team members
  • Existing leadership coaching programs will be integrated and activated

Program Modules:

1. Empowering an Unstoppable Team - 4-hour Innovative Workshop
2. Individual Genius Coaching for Team Leader and Team Members

           Deeper understanding of unique individual strengths and personal attitudes
           Impact of personal energy levels, strengths and motivation on team dynamic
    3. Implementation Support:

    4-6 Monthly video conference calls or in-person meetings

    1 Day onsite Team Leadership Retreat once a quarter

    These program modules have been scientifically designed for progressive teams on ALL organizational levels and will be customized to your specific culture.

    connect with us to explore how
    the genius activation project can accelerate healthy
    exponential growth for your team.

    Connect with us to explore how The Genius Activation Project can accelerate healthy exponential growth in your organization.

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