About six years ago Sharon’s* mom was determined not to have a second child. So she took a high quality contraceptive product on a regular basis. But much to her surprise she was pregnant anyway after a few short months. Three months into her pregnancy her cervix dilated; so she had to drastically interrupt her busy lifestyle and basically rest for 6 months. What a great opportunity for a baby to develop almost free from stress!

Around age 2 the shock happened: Sharon* had a brain tumor on the back side that required a risky intervention. Afterwards the surgeon admitted that he might have damaged the speech center and that Sharon* might never be able to utter a single word. This was true for exactly 2 months. But then she started to talk non-stop, developed insatiable curiosity and taught herself to read. Today at age 5 she loves to talk to adults, has a mind blowing vocabulary and deeply feels people and animals. She reads on a 4th grad level – at least.

You see, genius always comes with intensity. For Sharon* this intensity was combined with a strong will to live – against all odds. She is a person that most likely will make a difference for a lot of people and has a strong purpose to lead a significant life. It is in her blood!

Her mother is very supportive and admits that she has been learning from Sharon* about this kind of determination and intensity with a deep love and passion. She completely embraces the responsibility and challenge to educate her. She had only one question right now:”How do I find a school for her?”

Intensity can be a challenge for parents (and managers) and is easily mis-guided into violence and destruction or simply suppressed (with disastrous consequences). However, healthy intensity is indispensable for everyone who desires to accomplish something significant.

How important is healthy intensity to you?

*not her real name

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