Leadership Culture and Employee Engagement
Change Brings Double Digit Revenue Growth

case study

Client: Atronic Americas

Atronic Americas, the US arm of German gaming company Atronic International, develops interactive video slot machines featuring 3D graphics and stereo sound. The company also markets information systems used by casinos to manage their slot machine and table games.

Atronic International sells gaming equipment and systems in more than 90 countries and holds approximately 220 gaming licenses worldwide. Founded in 1993, Atronic International is owned by German gaming giant Gauselmann Group (50% stake) and US-based lottery technology company GTECH (owning the remaining 50%). The merger with GTECH was in progress and finalized on January 1, 2008.

Altronic Profile and Challenge
–   5th largest slot manufacturer in North America, 3rd largest in the world
–   Headquarters in Germany
–   12 international locations
–   220 employees in the U.S.

Atronic knew they could create significant gains through stronger employee motivational management techniques. The challenged they faced was in learning these strategies and implementing them throughout the company.

Project Objectives
•   Clarify company vision and mission
•   Close significant gap between business goals and day-to-day execution
•   Raise employee engagement and emotional buy-in for company vision
•   Increase growth rates and profit margins
•   Improve collaboration between departments
•   Lower employee turnover (turnover rate was above industry standard)
•   Bring up level of professionalism within the management team
•   Improve cross cultural communication between Atronic Americas and Atronic International


Genius Coaching and executive leaders at Atronic Americas agreed on the following solution:

Executive Coaching
CEO and CFO committed to 1 year executive coaching to implement leadership development in a top-down approach and ensure follow-through and implementation of new leadership strategies at all levels.

Executive coaching program included:

  • 360º Feedback
  • Various assessments to
    • Indentify individual leadership styles
    • Clarify professionals strengths for more leverage
  • Customized temporary coaching programs for VP level executives and key employees to create trust, cohesiveness and alignment within executive team

Leadership Development
Executive leadership team agreed to three 2-day leadership development classes for 32 leaders at all level across departments.

Leaders learned:

  • Cutting edge coaching tools based on The Genius Leader
  • Identify and develop talent
  • Effectively listen and communicate across departments
  • Flex communication when interacting with different behavior styles and different cultural backgrounds
  • Motivate employees to take ownership for their responsibilities and find their own solution
  • Recognize and acknowledge daily accomplishments in each other and in their employees
  • Establish an environment of trust between departments and cost centers
  • Encourage initiative and creativity
  • Create the feeling of belonging within department
  • Manage ‘difficult’ employees

Team Coaching Program
Executive team agreed to monthly team coaching sessions to ensure follow-through and implementation.

Other Programs
Facilitation of several executive leadership meetings as well as the annual strategic meetings to ensure effective communication and create desired outcomes.

Benchmark Measurements

Other Programs
AA Management Team Survey September 2005. Response rate: 44%

Employee comments in September 2005:
(before culture upgrade)

  • Conflict and bickering among managers
  • Lack of cross-functional thinking
  • Chaos execution with poor cooperation
  • Poor project management
  • Huge communication gap between departments
  • Austria/Germany vs. US
  • Management seems to remain in the “left hand right hand syndrome”
  • Different orders by different supervisors

Results after Project Completion

  • Delivered the best financial result in the company’s 11-year history
  • In a year-over-year comparison doubled operating margins to a double digit figure
  • Established a trust-based environment between Top Management and employees
  • Positive attention from merger partner company
  • Culture shift from fear-based to strengths-based
  • Increased accountability and trust among employees
  • Leaders use coaching as a professional tool
  • Voluntary employee turnover rate dropped from 16% to 4%

Employee Post-Training Comments:

  • “The coaching technique is very valuable and will be a tremendous asset for the organization.”
  • “The coaching is very effective from a practical application perspective in our ‘real world’”.
  • “I am able to identify strengths in me and others and can focus on them.”
  • “I will now be able to implement the coaching approach.”
  • “Coaching can not only be applied in my workplace; it hits my personal life as well.”
  • “This class helped me to become a better leader.”
  • “I have a new appreciation for the value coaching can bring to me, my team and the organization.”
  • “Thank you for opening a new way of leading my team.”

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