She leads a global climate change movement that has been supported by millions of high school students around the world going on strike and demanding from passive adults to finally wake up from their comfortable coma and realize that “our house is on fire and it takes immediate international collaborative action to prevent an unstoppable disaster in only 10 years from now.”

Last week she was invited to speak to political leaders in the EU parliament in Strasbourg. These 5 minutes touched the heart a soul of many politicians in the audience; they gave her a standing ovation at the end:

Greta Thunberg's emotional speech to EU leaders
Greta Thunberg’s emotional speech to EU leaders.

Presenting brilliant and solid scientific information with a sense of urgency is one of her geniustraits; however, moving people’s hearts is the new dimension she has been activating to make even the slightest change possible in a situation that is obvious and internationally ignored. This is her true leadership genius. Her face speaks volumes and the camera in this video could not get any closer to capture that! Can her genuine tears cause masses of people to wake up?

Greta got deeply into depression at age 11 when she learned about the profound implications of climate change. She spoke only when she had to and was diagnosed with Aspergers. However, this condition enabled her to focus on ONE thing for a long time. Therefore she decided in August 2018 to quit school every Friday and sit in front of the Swedish Parliament with a big sign of protest until the Swedish Government would be in alignment with the Paris Environment Agreement.

I am deeply fascinated with her powerful and vulnerable personality and watched more videos about her to learn more about her ageless wisdom: “Doing our best is no longer good enough; we need to attack the Impossible.”