Your Daily Micro-Victories are Essential

Decoding and activating your innateĀ geniusĀ is work. Daily joyful and intense work, once you feel the passion and desire to create the best life possible for yourself. "How far can I go with this?" was Sean's* question last week. At age 15 he started to design creative...

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The Power of ‘Coming to Your Senses’

Thank you for reading this sentence. Before you think that your brain might be the first organ to process this information, I invite you to stop and think: Your EYES were first involved to identify letters and words and transmit this information to your brain. Sounds...

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Genius or Thrill Seeker?   "Alex Honnold's Free Solo climb should be celebrated as one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever". The New York Times describes in this one sentence a phenomenon that the Oscar winning documentary Free Solo...

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Learning with or without Heart and Soul?

"Like Montessori we believe that education is "an aid to life" and its end result is a mature, healthy adult. We believe that everything we do should reflect a respect for each child, their potential, their individuality and their humanity. In our approach to...

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Longer Health-span or longer Lifespan?

Only 400 years ago almost every human being believed that the earth was flat. And they behaved like that. The SLOW replacement of this historical error message with a new physical reality shows a typical pattern: Ignorance and absolute disbelief. Trying to ridicule...

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