decode and activate
individual brilliance for peak performance

the genius activation project

is customized to YOUR company culture.

it adds immediate and lasting value to the most powerful and cost-intensive
part of your business – the people side:

  • Employees feel more valued and connected with leaders and each other.
  • Energized and empowered leaders are more effective.
  • Having a collaborative culture increases engagement and synergy.
  • Frequent performance conversations and immediate feedback become parts of employee development.
  • The new work environment allows your leaders to cultivate individual genius  traits as the foundation for peak performance teams.

how are you brilliant?

Your heart beats 100,000 times a day. With ease and joy. You suffer if it cannot do that.
People suffer if they cannot fully express their talents and strengths.
The Genius Activation Project removes the blocks to being brilliant.

Here are the 3 Phases of the Genius Activation Project

Phase 1:



The Genius Profile

Find out what drives you and turn it into a blueprint for what you CAN do. It serves as a new foundation for individual and team peak performance.

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Phase 2:



Physical Intelligence

For the first time physical core energy (Chi) is available for exponential professional growth – for you, your team and your organization .

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Phase 3:

sustain and leverage


Genius Leadership Coaching

Maintain synergy and continuous growth; ensure lasting brilliance in your team by empowering leaders and team members to creatively challenge each other’s excellence.

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the result:

Energized, engaged and confident leaders on all levels
that people like and trust.

connect with us to explore how
the genius activation project can accelerate healthy
exponential growth in your organization.

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the genius activation project

has served as a leadership transformation catalyst in organizations like

Connect with us to explore how The Genius Activation Project can accelerate healthy exponential growth in your organization.

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