Organizational Methodology

to Activate Genius: Genius Leadership

Genius Leadership decodes and activates hidden brilliance, minimizes traditional behavior blocks and connects those unique abilities through improved leadership interactions that drive results.

The INNOVATION – A Mind-blowing New Leadership Paradigm

We invite you to FIRST upgrade your leadership paradigm from knowledge-centered to behavior-centered. Which will change the Inner Game of participating leaders. Then each leader will acquire behavior-based coaching tools that can be applied immediately in every conversation that impacts your business.

Participants are intrinsically motivated from the first day and WANT to be more engaged.

Genius Leadership is

Adaptive – every participant has a unique personal learning experience
Interactive – peer driven rapid learning from real case-studies
Intuitive – gut feelings are encouraged (handouts will be minimal)
Immediate –  contagious curiosity accelerates learning and retention
Intelligent – Physical Intelligence connects mental, emotional, intuitive, social and conversational intelligence for efficiency
Impactful – the genius activation methodology has a playful leadership ripple effect.


Individual Level: 

Genius Leadership serves as a Catalyst:

  • Increased trust and less anxiety for improved performance
  • Intrinsic employee engagement increases exponentially
  • Involuntary turnover is extremely low
  • Learning and development accelerate and become more satisfying
  • Upgraded interviewing process drastically increases quality employee retention
  • Leaders LOVE to lead and be led because they have highly efficient behavior-based tools to do so
  • Succession planning and career planning are merged together and provide a roadmap for growth

Organizational Level:

Leaders that people like and trust

  • Improved emotional, physical and financial health of the company
  • Upgraded leadership attitude on all organizational levels
  • Personal gratification will be as important as compensation
  • EVERY leadership conversation will be a coaching opportunity
  • Shift focus to self-change and away from trying to change others
  • Ongoing supportive performance conversations
  • Empowered and engaged employees ‘talk themselves into clarity’
  • Turn ‘difficult employees’ into contributing team members
  • Existing leadership coaching programs will be integrated and activated

Program Modules:

1. Keynote Presentation: Physical Intelligence and Genius Leadership
2. The Genius Leadership Intensive

Day 1: Step out of Leadership Images and into your Uniqueness

  • Practical Introduction to Physical Intelligence as foundation
  • Establish the new roots of effective Leadership
  • Embrace Behavior-based Leadership tools as a new cultural language

Day 2: Genius Leadership in Action

  • The structure and power of a highly effective coaching conversation
  • Coaching and Physical Intelligence – a powerful leadership combination
  • Physical Intelligence tools for ongoing peer support
3. Sustainability Support:

1-2  monthly conference call(s) for 12 months

1 Day onsite Genius Leadership Retreat once a quarter

These program modules have been scientifically designed for leaders on ALL organizational levels and will be customized to your specific culture.

connect with us to explore how
the genius activation project can accelerate healthy
exponential growth in your organization.

Connect with us to explore how The Genius Activation Project can accelerate healthy exponential growth in your organization.

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