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our WHY

In everything we do, we challenge the status quo in professional development and education. We consider the innate unique biological genius of the body as the most powerful concealed resource for human development in education, leadership, and team communication.

Therefore, we present highly innovative coaching programs exclusively for bright, sensitive and intense people in their teams and families to stand out with their hidden brilliance.

our vision

To empower and guide bright people of any age in schools and companies around the world to discover and apply their unique innate brilliance, so they can collaborate more effectively and lead a meaningful and prosperous life.

our mission

To end the suppression of natural intelligence and sensitivity in educational and business environments by providing highly effective and innovative programs for personal and professional development.

our core values

  • 1. Passion for Reality
  • 2. Relaxed Intensity
  • 3. Simplify Complexity
  • 4. Encourage Interdependence
  • 5. Celebrate Brilliance

meet our team

Otto Siegel, MCC, M.Ed.

Otto Siegel, MCC, M.Ed.

Master Genius Coach, Author, Transformational Speaker

Otto is best known for his passionate and precise approach to exploring and developing hidden brilliance and suppressed intelligence as creative assets in individuals and organizations. He is a nationally known expert on genius and innovation who has transformed the lives of his clients as a coach, speaker and co-author of “Yes, You Are a Genius – Whether You Know it or Not”.

During the past decade he created The Genius Profile™, a revolutionary new method to evaluate human brilliance and utilized it in executive leadership teams and forward thinking families. With his strong background in science and education he applies the physiology of high performance to profoundly improve the lives and upgrade the careers of his clients.

Since 2002, his company, Genius Coaching, LLC has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies, progressive business owners, educational institutions and families of bright children on practical creative innovation, team transformation and top talent retention through genius leadership.

Otto’s Client List Includes

  • Oracle
  • Dell Computers
  • IBM
  • McKesson
  • AMEX London
  • Microsoft

Areas of Proficiency

  • Executive leadership coaching
  • Brilliance-based team development
  • Upgrading company cultures
  • Guiding highly intelligent business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Coaching families with bright but unhappy children
  • Designing and facilitating innovative coaching programs
  • Transformational speaking
  • Leadership training for teachers

Key Accomplishments

  • Founder and CEO of Genius Coaching, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ (2002)
  • Started first “Paedagogische Praxis” in Germany for bright children with learning
    difficulties (1994)
  • Founded the Institute for Biology of Learning in Germany and Scottsdale, AZ (1994)
  • Traveled with (a?) friend from Munich to India through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in his own VW bus
  • Participated in the Olympic Games in Mexico City (1968) as next generation athlete
  • Lived for 7 years in Sao Paulo/Brazil as an Educational Consultant for the German
  • Government and initiated an international student exchange program with Germany


  • M.Ed. in Education, Biology and Chemistry from the University of Munich/Germany
  • Certified Human Behavior Specialist with Nobel Laureate Dr. Konrad Lorenz in Germany (1972)
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst with TTI (2002)
  • Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (2007)

Hobbies and Passions

  • Unlimited life experience
  • International travel
  • Downhill skiing + fitness (or reverse)
  • Healthy gourmet eating
  • Reading, art, & music
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Susanna Lange

Susanna Lange

Certified Genius Coach, Author, Program Developer

Knowing the power of strength-based performance, Susanna has embraced her own strengths and translated them into a successful career in account management with multi-million dollar accounts in Germany and the United States.

At the same time, Susanna has helped hundreds of children and adults overcome learning challenges and discover their own individual strengths as a foundation for a successful life and career. As part of Genius Coaching, LLC. Susanna has been co-developing the Genius Profile ™ the most comprehensive and powerful evaluation system for human brillliance in today’s market place.

Key Accomplishments and Experience

  • Overcame dyslexia and became successful in a corporate career as well as with Genius Coaching, LLC.
  • Since 1994, used Fit-for-Learning model to help hundreds of children and adults in the U.S. and Germany overcome learning difficulties and behavior challenges such as dyslexia and ADHD
  • Help people get their school and personal careers back on track.
  • Contributed to significant culture shifts from mistrust and disagreement to team collaboration using Genius Coaching program for small and midsize corporations — culture changes have impacted revenue growth, employee turnover rate, and leadership effectiveness
  • Co-created 2 powerful coaching programs that have helped hundreds of children and adults in educational and professional settings make quantum leaps in their performance
  • Helped many women age 50+ get their lives back on track after drastic changes such as divorce, lay-offs, or getting back to work
    15+ years of experience as account manager with information services contracts for the pharmaceutical industry, advertising projects for companies such as BMW and managing live concerts for German folk music stars
  • 15+ years of account management, handling multi-million dollar accounts
  • 10+ years of family and leadership coaching and program development as part of Genius Coaching in the U.S. and ‘Paedagogische Praxis’ in Germany



  • Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy
  • Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Science from the University of Munich/Germany
  • Certified in Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology in Munich/Germany in 1994


Hobbies and Passion

  • People Unlimited Member – ending separation between people to building an environment for unlimited human living
  • Horse-back riding – “My horse, Lucky, is my ‘therapist.’ He helps me keep my feet on the ground when my mind goes a million miles per hour.”
  • Arts, architecture, interior design, fashion, international traveling
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